the pause team

Director of Marketing

Estar’s background has seen him helming marketing roles at the likes of the CIMB Group, Ogilvy & Mather and Critical Mass. As Director of Marketing at PAUSE, his role is akin to a Richter Scale - sometimes going-glam and hosting experiences and then going-slave and packing goodie bags. While he’s not busy pretending to recreate ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ (probably not a good role model), he’s out and about connecting over a good stiff drink and I guess a salad (joke!). Bring on the pasta.

Estar's idea of pause:
Chef-ing though sometimes badly, solo travelling to the unknown and a good game of Mahjong.

Founder & CEO

Ferina's background in journalism has stringed her work with Greenpeace International, the Asian Geographic and many more. After her diagnosis with anxiety disorder and depression in 2013, she made a commitment to explore wellness that goes beyond physical well-being, resulting in the creation of PAUSE Magazine. She continues to believe strongly in slow, conscious living which keeps her driven in her pursuit to grow the magazine in a meaningful way.

Ferina's idea of pause:
A HIIT Workout, long, meditative walks, random photo hunting (sans selfies), solo coffee drinking with
'the gentlewoman' magazine in hand


Kisha takes 'editorial breaks' by CTR-tabbing through reputed news portals on her Macbook (i.e. news binging), while simultaneously fighting back tears from reading the latest post on Humans of New York. Away from the screen, you'll find her at the museum /  art gallery / ballet / theatre or the cafe in any of those places. Kisha appreciates gastronomy and thought she was quite the travel foodie, until she found out that 'real foodies' plan their entire trip (down to the minute) around food, eating and nothing much else. She cannot vacay this way.

Kisha's idea of pause:
Cafe / gallery hopping, hammock-ing with a good read somewhere temperate. 



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