you do the working - let us bring the #PAUSE AND WELLNESS TO YOUR WORKPLACE

All companies value their employees. However, we've found that many organisations often struggle to find the best way to demonstrate just how much they care. Sure, corporate retreats, office gym programs and a stock of healthy snacks are great wellness plusses–but is your organisation taking the time to care for your employees’ mental well-being? 

Numerous studies have established a connection between quality workplace wellness programmes and reduced absenteeism, alongside increased productivity. As an organisation grows, there is an undisputed need to encourage employees to take meaningful #pause breaks, so that they are better equipped to adapt to a fast-changing environment.  

Our PAUSE Guides that visit your office will arm your employees with the skills, tips and techniques to help them cope with stress and take care of their own mental well-being. This, in turn, maximises their potential to thrive not just at the workplace, but in their personal lives as well. In the long-run, employees that are able to manage work-stress better will lead to the cultivation of a workplace environment that is more engaged and productive. 

Programme Structure 

  • Introduction to learning how to recognise patterns of burnout, extreme stress and related symptoms; 
  • Practical lessons on how one can mitigate stress-related symptoms by employing simple breath work, mindfulness exercises and positive visualisations; 
  • Habit-forming tasks allocated to participants to strengthen the learning. Participants are welcome to join our weekly PAUSE session for a refresher

Learning outcomes & Benefits 

• A renewed understanding and awareness of the self
• A fresh perspective on the concept of ‘holistic wellness’ 
• Knowing how and when to slow-down and #pause
• Achieving higher levels of concentration and clarity, which begets better performance 



This programme offers employees basic tools to deal with common workplace stresses. It also encourages organisation leaders to play an active role in creating a healthy, thriving workplace. 



    A tailored and more in-depth corporate wellness session that, compared to the 1.5 hour session, offers employees additional wellness benefits. Our PAUSE Guide will help employees identify, understand and manage their emotional and mental well-being. 



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