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You must be wondering: What exactly is a PAUSE Salon session, and why would a wellness magazine host such an initiative?  We borrow the term ‘salon’ from the context of seventeenth century French literary salons, which were “rallying points” for the “best intellectual life” of more than 200 years (A. G. Mason, 1891). They were a rendezvous point in society where “the spirit was purified” and where “people of merit and quality assembled” (A. Fléchier in Mason, 1891). During the course of its development, it evolved into “sort of [an] academy of beaux esprits, of gallantry, of virtue, and of science” (C. H. de Saint-Simon in Mason, 1891). 

Our aspiration extends beyond furnishing you with wellness information – in line with the respective theme of the month. We want to offer our readers, a chance to engross themselves in illuminating dialogue with those who are keenly interested in the candid sharing of their stories, wisdom and courage.

Despite the French Salon’s links to intellectual thought (which is usually associated with the need for deep concentration), they were reportedly “simple and charming” as well as “informal and polite” (Mason, 1891) – the very same atmospheric qualities we hope will be present in PAUSE Salons, going forward. To realise this, we’ll be inviting salon panelists who are not just what we'd consider to be the best minds in wellness, but also those of authentic character. More about what transpired at our previous Salon.