Give me a snapshot - what is PAUSE?

Pause Magazine (“PAUSE”) is an online platform ( that aspires to bring readers fresh, authentic and uplifting perspectives on living well. We offer both informative online content as well as engaging offline initiatives ("The PAUSE Sessions") that brings our community ("PAUSE Circle") together.

PAUSE takes a holistic view around Body, Mind and Living, and works with the best industry experts and partners to ensure that our community receives only the best.

I want to be in the Circle. What will I enjoy as a member?

As a member, not only will you enjoy access to expert panels, exclusive content, bespoke events, privileges from our partners, preferred rates on all our PAUSE Sessions - you will also be a part of your own personal support system in your wellness journey.

Apply today to be in the Circle.


Count me in, what payment methods do you accept, and how will I be billed?

We accept all major online payment systems including PayPal. Depending on your selection, you can choose to be billed monthly or annually (P.S. annual payment enjoys an even better rate!).

Payments will be billed at the start of your joining date. All privileges will be applied instantly, regardless of join date.


I see PAUSE, but what is what?

  • PAUSE Magazine: Available through multiple online channels, PAUSE Magazine curates well-researched, high quality and science-backed wellness content for the community. Knowledge and sharing is power - our content will always be made accessible to anyone who is ready to elevate their well-being.
  • PAUSE Session (Signature, Salon, Summit, Workshop, Bespoke): Our offline initiatives are designed to guide and complement our readers’ online journey. View our calendar to experience the Session that suits you best.
  • PAUSE Circle (Circle Beta, Alpha, Theta): Created to allow our community to gather and be one another’s uplifter - while enjoying exclusive members-only perks including access to expert panels and exclusive content, partner privileges, preferred rates on all PAUSE Sessions, and more. Apply today to enjoy these privileges and be part of the Circle.


There’s an asteroid heading to earth and I am moving to Mars (you never know), what are your cancellation and refund policy?

As much as we hate to see you un-Pause, to cancel your membership, all you need to do is to click the ‘Goodbye Circle’ button on your Account page. You will still be entitled to enjoy all member privileges till the end of your billing period.


For annual payments, it is with regret that there will be no refunds and all privileges will be made available till the end of your billing period as well.


The asteroid is nearing, how do I reschedule my PAUSE Session?

To better manage the high-demand and limited seats while providing our customers with the best experience, it is with regret that there will be no provision for a replacement session in the event of your absence.