Photography:  Justin Fernando

Photography: Justin Fernando

A large part of the world had the privilege of celebrating International Women's Day on 8 March 2018, an annual ‘tradition’ that was only officially adopted by the United Nations in 1975 – a mere 40+ years ago. 

While IWD is a focal point in the movement for women’s rights, its very existence highlights the fact that there is much to be done for the rights of women all over the world. That is also why I call it a ‘privilege’: because women are not celebrated in every corner of the world; those of us that were able to go on social media to tag the women in our lives whom we're proud of, are truly lucky to be able to do so, for there must be countless others who were only able to celebrate in their hearts. 

Therefore, in line with new developments in the championing of women’s rights (#metoo, #leanin etc.) and the recognition of the role of women in society (#mothers), our current issue on ‘Women of the Modern World’ hopes to be a mini dossier on how far we have come. 

How fitting it is to celebrate women in March, for don’t we all come from mothers?

To highlight women who have significantly moved the needle not only in the wellness sphere, but in other industries that have a positive impact on society at large, we will do profiles on a few women who inspire us - it won't be an exhaustive list, which to us, is a good thing, because there are just so many amazing women out there. They will talk about what got them started on their respective journeys, what keeps them going through the hard times and how integral 'pause' is to their mental and physical well-being. Each of them will have a message addressed to readers, which we hope will resonate with you.  

This March, our monthly PAUSE Salon will aim to explore how women (and men) can embrace the ‘power of vulnerability’. Our PAUSE Salon talks are a popular one, so don't forget to purchase your ticket today

We'll consider the following:
what other connotations does ‘vulnerability’ have?
How can we understand it better?
How can our unique vulnerability put us atop a position of strength?
How can unique belief systems like BodyTalk, help us connect with our vulnerability?
What is western / mainstream healthcare’s refrain to it?  

While this issue is dedicated to women, there's something for everyone to learn in this issue, whether you identify as female or male. After all, the conversation about women's rights and equality is not complete without the men who get it. So, as a close, I’d like to stress that whichever way you swing or sway - let’s lift each other up! 

Take care, all x 

Best intentions & Be Well, 
Tamara Kisha