Lauren Armes — When Wellness Means Business

Photography: Welltodo  Words: PAUSE / Tamara Kisha Tan

Photography: Welltodo
Words: PAUSE / Tamara Kisha Tan

Welltodo Global hosted the ‘Welltodo Founders Series Asia’ in Singapore from 22 - 23 March, 2018. 

Serial-entrepreneur, business-coach and wellness industry leader – Lauren Armes is a multi-hyphenate go-getter with a rare awareness of just how mindful one has to be on one’s journey towards realising meaningful success. Unlike others in the business and entrepreneurial space who may be single-minded about achievement and goals, Lauren’s innate understanding of how important it is to practice holistic wellness is probably what keeps her going strong, while still allowing her to have the capacity to nurture others.

She owes her unique position to two main pursuits and a steadfast dedication to a daily practice: (a) her calling as a business-coach for women in business, (b) her role as founder of ‘Welltodo’, a  global platform that features forward-thinking brands, entrepreneurs, and investors in the wellness industry and (c) her ‘non-negotiable’ stance toward vedic meditation.


As a business-coach, Lauren has made it one of her life missions to champion women to not just build great businesses with a healthy cash flow, but to also found companies that create a lasting impact. She uses her personal business experiences to work through ‘the fear, the doubt and the sheer enormity of the task ahead’ which is often characteristic of brand-new businesses. She keeps her coachees on target by reminding them to keep the heart of why they embarked on this journey, at the top of their minds. For those who fear change, Lauren greatly encourages them to “reframe” the way they look at the process of change, because “change is a wonderful gift that allows us to learn, evolve and become better versions of ourselves.” Based on her experience coaching her clients, she has noticed that while “change can come with fear”, guiding a client along and distilling what they really fear (by actually writing down those worst case scenarios), helps them see things in a new light.

Collectively, we realise that it isn’t as bad as we actually first imagined, and that taking risks is part of the fun! I am also able to help my clients see that that in those worst case scenarios, we are so much more empowered than we realise to take action and control the outcomes.
— Lauren Armes; Founder, Welltodo

Lauren’s ability to guide others is testament to the fact that she has no desire to keep her learnings to herself – she is here for the long haul to nurture her peers, as well as the next generation of female entrepreneurs.


Her wellness consultancy, Welltodo, essentially brings together thought leaders in the wellness industry, connects consumers to wellness brands and keeps everyone updated about the latest and most creative wellness developments/trends around the world. In this way, actors within the wellness industry are kept from operating in silo, as keeping abreast of world-class developments provides businesses in wellness with more chances to discover complementing companies, which in turn could result in meaningful collaboration.

In fact, the existence of Welltodo also keeps everyone on their toes, drives innovation across the board and also helps the wellness industry keep a pulse on the impact of technology, while also emphasising the need to pace oneself. When asked about the acceptance of the need to ‘slow down’ and take care of one’s mental wellness vis-à-vis progress in the wellness sphere, Lauren projects that in the next five years or so, technology will be the wellness industry’s driving force. This is primarily because there will be even more research available, thus allowing everyone to be able to see with “absolute transparency, what stress and anxiety do to our bodies.” Moreover, Lauren posits that the devices we use are going to be more intelligent and more responsive than ever before – and this data will motivate us to pay close attention and experience the benefits of slowing down, in a more meaningful way. This should spur many of us, particularly those in touch with wellness developments, to make the necessary lifestyle changes to thrive in a more meaningful way and avoid modern ailments and diseases.


When it comes to her personal meditation practice, Lauren admits that she initially found it hard to prioritise it altogether, as it took some time before she fully understood the direct impact it would have on her business. Significantly, she realised that a ‘shift in mindset’ was also in order, as she harboured a false belief that “building a business was supposed to be highly-stressful” and that “angst and worry was part of the package”. However, Lauren isn’t one to blindly follow trends – this led her to actively seek knowledge about the science of meditation, ultimately committing herself to a 4-day course with experienced meditation teachers. She says that the hands-on experience is what “changed everything” for her, as she grew to understand that stress is not “normal” on the level at which most of us experience, and that “business-building could be a lot more fun, mindful, focused and efficient with the addition of a daily [meditation] practice.”

Meditation is now a non-negotiable for me.
— Lauren Armes; Founder, Welltodo


It comes as no surprise that Lauren’s favourite way to #pauseforwellness is vedic meditation, which she does for at least 20 minutes each morning, without fail. A tool that she can employ at anytime without any reliance on an app, recording or teaching, practicing this form of meditation provides her with an ‘anchor’ that truly ‘grounds’ her on a daily basis. She also explained that she chose medication as an activity over others because of the “incredible science and depth of understanding behind this method.”. Crucially, she feels that all who benefit from such meditation practices are 'indebted' to the ancient teachings and practices that provide us with strong evidence of its benefits.

All in all, Lauren’s role as the Founder of Welltodo is her own way of simultaneously ‘nurturing’ and propelling the wellness industry forward – and this is, to us, her true value and contribution to global wellness.  – PAUSE |