How to Use Essential Oils in your Home

Words: Kuan Nee
Photos: Anete Lusina


1. As a Multi-Purpose Cleaning Spray

I teach the blending of this Spray in my workshop and I find it incredibly easy to use. From kicthen counter tops, to toilets, to wiping tables! I like to use Siberian Fir, Peppermint and Lemon essential oils in this blend.

2. In your scrubs

Created from baking soda, castille soap and white vinegar with the same essential oils as above, this is an amazing scrub for bath tubs, sinks, shower glass doors. 

3. In existing Toilet Sprays 

A spritz here and there does the work. I also like to make my Toilet Sprays to kill microbes.

4. As a Linen Spray

Use this spray on my freshly laundered clothes or on bed linen and pillows for a good nights sleep. Try this recipe here

5. In your Laundry

Try using soap nuts to wash your clothes, and then add in essential oils of Thyme ct. Linalol and Tea Tree to take care of the germs. 

6. As a Wood Polish

You can make wood polish from beeswax too with essential oil of Siberian Fir. It polishes the surface well and saves your from having to by chemical wood sprays. 

7. In your Floor Cleaner

Combining Thyme and Tea Tree, I use these them together with white vinegar as my floor detergent.

8. For Diffusing, Aromatherapy

 Sometimes I need bright and uplifting, I will have Eucalyptus globulus with me, sometimes I need to ground myself more, Lavender and Patchouli do wonders.

9. During Bath Time

You can have your bath time with salts and essential oils not only to relax (which does a great deal already, really), but also to help alleviate some pains/aches in your body and also cramps.

10. Body & Hand Wash

Mix with castille soap and essential oils and a little bit of carrier oil do the trick and keep germs at bay at the same time. If you have skin issues, such as eczema or dry skin, I highly recommend you start making your own body and hand wash that you can care for your sensitive skin better.