The World Can Wait: Unplug for your Wellbeing

Words: Ferina Natasya Aziz
Photos: Matthew Henry












Upon waking up, the first thing I do is to grab the phone - ideally just to check the time. Then I'm inevitably distracted by notifications, reminders and before I know it, I'm scrolling down on Instagram. There I am within first 5 mins of waking up, all plugged in again. 

Can the world just wait? The answer is: yes.

Catherine Steiner-Adair, author of The Big Disconnect, who is also a clinical psychologist, has studied the anxieties around disconnecting. It's a phenomena that leaves us feeling like we are missing the online world and has us resisting connection to real presences.

Gaining full presence from unplugging now seems to now be a luxury. In the world of our smartphones, we now have face to face conversations with someone over coffee, yet we are also guilty of constantly checking our email, tweeting, or taking the photos of the food in front of us. The crazy thing is that most people are seemingly alright with this arrangement. 

It shouldn't be the case. 

Why? Because the constant plug in makes us less focused, less mindful, less productive and very disconnected from our real lives. Being constantly on social media has encourages narcissism, insomnia and the inability to connect with one another. The science of how technology impacts human behaviours is still in early research but it's no surprise that its repercussions are already felt. 

The health dangers of being too plugged-in can include: 

  1. Neck pain due to text neck syndrome – The bad posture where shoulders are round and neck inches forward causing pain for both the young  and old alike. Not only this posture related pains due to prolonged unnatural position but carpal tunnel, back pain and eye pain is detrimental to your health.
  2. Interrupted sleep or insomnia
  3. Strained eyes due to screen fatigue
  4. Exposure to electromagnetic radiation

Simple changes you can make today: 

  1. Establish a no-phone zone in bedroom. Or put your phone on airplane mode when you are doing something that needs the full focus.
  2. Upon waking up, your first 30min should have nothing digital in it. Instead stretch, move your body, meditate, eat something. 
  3. Balance the brightness based on body clock.

Pursue inner connection and connection with others
Take some time and get clear on why and how you want to feel daily. Project yourself ten years into the future and ask yourself: is this the kind of life you want to live?

What does it mean and feel to be truly alive?

We are all alive but are we all truly living? 

Activities that inspire meaningful PAUSE: 

  1. Yin Yoga + Gong Bath at Strala Singapore
    One of the best classes I've experienced in my life - bringing yoga meditation and sound Healing that will leave you energised yet grounded and all around feel-good.

  2. Hush Tea Bar Experience
    A support for deaf tea baristas, you experience 2 hours of silence and deep reflection on yourself. The connection to self is paramount here and also the connection and being in the world of deaf person too.

  3. Sensory Deprivation Tank
    If you need to cocoon yourself and be in a salty watery pod, this is the place to get your muscle tensions reduced and get into a state of absolute relaxation. Read our experience on it.

  4. Salt Cave Therapy at The Salt Clinic
    Breathing in the salts is great for the body and mind...