A Wellness Experience like no other at the 'Wonderfruit Festival' in Pattaya, Thailand

Words: Tiffany Soi
Photos: Wonderfruit Festival





If you are still earnestly seeking your 'New Year revival', then make sure you arrange to be at the fast approaching Wonderfruit Festival: The multi-sensory celebration of the human condition fusing music, art, joyful adventure and spirited living is happening in Pattaya, Thailand 16-19th February 2017.

Wonderfruit prides itself on being a landmark carbon-neutral and ecologically-conscious festival, where the best of “fun” and transformational experiences are also socially responsible. With solar powered charging stations to keep you connected, and the festival’s investment in the Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve in Indonesia, Wonderfuit is proving that we as people, and our earth, can thrive simultaneously, whilst having a really good time in the process. We love that approach!

Not just a Music Festival: A Human Festival!
Wonderfruit is undoubtedly drawing some of the world’s biggest music artists (think Rudimental, Shura, and the soul star Liane le Havas) alongside some of the most compelling alternative, underground & cultural acts (including a performance of Junun, the culture-collaboration between Israeli composer Shye Ben Tzur, Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood & The Rajasthan Express). So, what else can we look forward to at this creative wonderland that seeks to feed & inspire your mind, body & soul?

Wonderfruit is passionate about bringing a fun, creative approach to wellbeing & holistic living through their pillars of Wellness, Adventure, and Key Talks:

For traditionalists and yoga enthusiasts, the world renowned Danny Paradise will be present to guide his expansive Ashtanga Yoga sequences. For those wanting to try something new or challenge their body and their mind, check out Free Running with Team Farang, where you’ll learn all you need to know about jumping and rolling safely to play. For those who think they may have a hidden Ninja Warrior inside, follow up with the adventure obstacle course.

Or, if you have been long fascinated with the philosophies, benefits & skill of ancient Martial Arts, such as Wushu, Kung Fu and Thai Chi, then let master Ajarn Zhu Qiguo, of the Thai-Chinese School, lead you through some of their healing and restorative movements. Shiang Ying Chan will be doing practical workshops on Somatic Movement: Slow and gentle movement to relieve chronic pain and stress. We are also keen to unleash our inner Tay-Swift vibes and try the Soul Awakening Dance classes, where you literally, “Shake it Off”.

A whole host of inspirational and educational talks covering sustainable living, modern technology for social empowerment and conscious social movement will be running. For your own wellness, check out Conscious Communication, a workshop on healing with NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). We also recommend taking time for guided processes of emotional release, or experience a meditation for gratitude, where we can experience deep thanks for all that we have, and all that we have to come in this year ahead.

The grounds will host awe inspiring, immersive art installations that seek to be stimulate the senses and provoke your thoughts, through a fusion of light, sound, science, technology & design - We are particularly looking forward to seeing Greg Fleishmann’s 3D immersive stage.

Let’s not forget the immense array of global culinary offerings on offer: Bangkok’s famed Cocotte restaurant will be hosting an organic farm-to-table feast for indulgence. Chef Daphne Cheng, a pioneer of plant based cuisine, will be sharing her delicious concoctions, where vegetables take centre stage. Also, you would be a fool to miss the array of Thai street food and the Thai Young Farmers cooking station to sample, arguably, the best cuisine in the world. Wonderfruit will even have its own on-site farm with workshops to get involved with creative agriculture.

Fulfill That Wonder Now
There is so much on offer across 4 days to explore and awaken your inner joy and child like wonderment - sensations we all too easily lose touch with as adults, and ones we encourage all of our readers to re-engage with as much as possible. If you have been feeling disconnected, then this is the place to re-ignite your fire and fervour for living.  Moreover, we are passionate about Wonderfruit's focus on the aspect of inter-connected human impact, and not only on each other, but on our Earth, who provides us with all of its resources and abundance to enjoy. 

Get your tickets now at www.wonderfruitfestival.com