Nils Glahn – Food through the Lens of Yogic Philosophy

Words: Ferina Natasya Aziz
Photos: Sarah Pflug


The way in is the way out - Nils Glahn

Nils Glahn left his career in Europe and went to Asia - spending his time in monasteries, ashrams, healing communities, green villages and indigenous tribes. He also took on learning and getting himself certified in various healing disciplines such as Ayurverda, Marma Therapy, Chinese Acupuncture and many more. Sharing knowledge on instinctive food decisions, increasing your vibration through food, emotional eating and eating for your body energy type. Nils 's talk at Platinum Yoga brings about the topic of ‘The Yoga of Eating’ - where he believes is paramount for body signals. The body is wise but in order to access this wisdom, we need to understand and communicate with it. 

Could you elaborate on what it means by the yoga of eating?

If you wish to achieve unity through eating you should try out “ The Yoga of eating“. The Yoga of eating is not a dietary system or a serious practice. It’s a pleasurable alternative to eat in attune with your instinct. Our body is wise, but in order to access this wisdom you need to communicate with it. It’s useful to know about the science of nutrition and different dietary systems but in the end the most essential thing is the ability to sense inner signals to choose the food from “your body” and not just from your knowledge. The Yoga of eating offers a couple of tricks to receive clearly inner food messages.One of my favorite tricks is connect to the food flavor. If you precisely sense the odor and the taste, your body will tell what to eat and not to eat.

Nils, I believe in self-healing (albeit the effort and discipline needed is huge). How can one who suffers anxiety disorder and depression improve their condition just by changing their diet?

Food could be poison or food could be medicine. We have food that makes us chronically heavy, sluggish and depressive and we have food that makes us light, energized and clear. Everything is about the food vibration. If you eat on a regular basis many low vibrational foods like meat, junk food and heavy starches you disturb the whole self-healing mechanism in your body.The key is to eat more high vibrational foods like superfoods, superherbs, fresh fruits, leafy vegetables and very important sunlight. Raise the vibrational level of your food and you will automatically raise the vibrational level of your self.

Food could be poison or food could be medicine.

Share with me what are your top 5 must-have food items in your pantry?

That’s a difficult question. I would say its raw cacao, maca, coconut oil, goji berries and spirulina.

How has using ancient/ alternative healing tools changed your perspective in western medicine?

I like western medicine and I like the approach of ancient medicine. We just need to know how to combine them in the right way. Western medicine is useful as a tool if we are already suffering on a pretty advanced scale to get reasonably stability. Ancient or alternative healing methods helps you to move beyond old paradigms, because the healing takes more time and that’s why you will start to perceive “life” more as a “ process” instead of a  “problem”.

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Any ancient healing tools you’d recommend for people who’s suffers from anxiety and depression?For people who suffers from anxiety and depression, it is best to try professional hypnosis to access your sub consciousness mind to revisit and heal particular memories. Classically during a depression you tend to be number that’s why you want look into dynamic healing techniques as well to release stagnant energy in a short period of time for instance active meditation, inner dance and breath work. Self-healing is not about feeling good it about feeling more.

What are some of your must-do morning rituals to sustain energy throughout the day?

It’s depending on my energy level and my plans for the day. I usually start with oil pulling and a glass of warm water with lemon before I do a bit Qi gong, sometimes just for 15 minutes or for 2-3 hours. I also love to do dry skin brushing to activate my lymphatic system but the highlight of course is every morning my smoothie. =)

Our bodies have special and sacred points just as the earth has it's own sacred sites and energy points according to sacred geography.

These are some great videos made by Nils on inner climate change and on human instinct (sharing his insights from shamanic tribes, chinese and indian healing communities). For more info on Nils Glahn or if you would like to book an appointment for his healing sessions, visit