Nutritious Extracts on Juice Cleansing

Words: Tansy Boggan, Nutritional Therapist
Photos: Lukas


‘Drink to health’ is a saying that is centuries old. Yet for some, they are no longer clinking glasses filled with wine, but freshly squeezed organic juice.

These vegetable and fruit juice concoctions are believed to promote good health through cleansing and stimulating healing in our body. As a result, we have seen an ever-increasing interest in juice cleanses, with companies and online enthusiasts sharing recipes or providing juice delivery to assist individuals in embarking on their own juice cleanse.

Yet, how valid are the claims of the cleansing properties of juice? Should we all be reaching for a glass of juice each day or embracing a regular practice juice cleansing?

Let’s explore the ins and outs of juices and the proclaimed benefits of juice cleansing, and specifically whether a juice cleanse is right for you if your desire is to lose weight or absolve your sins of poor eating, smoking or excessive alcohol intake. 

What is a juice cleanse? A juice cleanse is a short-term diet where only juice freshly squeezed from organic fruits and vegetables with a cold pressed juicer are consumed. Essentially, a juice cleanse is a type of fast that can last one, three or seven days, or even up to several weeks. Unlike a fast, drinking juices ensures that the body is still obtaining some nutrition. The purpose is to clean out the digestive tract and promote detoxification.

Why cleanse with juice? Fresh juice is incorporated in cleanses because it is believed that you will be acquiring a concentrated dose of vitamins and minerals that will promote detoxification and healing of the body. While it is true that through juicing you can concentrate the vitamins and minerals of more fruit and vegetables than you could ever imagine eating in one sitting into a single glass, juice is devoid some vitamins and minerals, not to mention proteins and essential fatty acids that are vital for proper functioning of your body. Because juice cleanses are adopted for a short period of time proponents of juice cleansing suggest that this is not a concern. Juice cleansing for just a few days is unlikely to be a concern for most healthy individuals.

A concern regarding juice cleansing is that many individuals embark on a juice cleanse on their own, making their own juices or by purchasing a pack of juices through a random website they came across on the inter-webs. Often, the support available is limited and not customised to the individual.

If you wish to embark on a juice cleanse, it is recommended that you do so with the guidance of a qualified nutritional professional who can ensure the juices provide your body with as wide a range of vitamins and minerals as possible, and that this individual is suitably experienced to support you should any health concerns arise during the cleanse.

Is it necessary to cleanse with juice, specifically? Our bodies are engineered to cleanse and detoxify toxins every day through our kidneys, liver, gastrointestinal tract, skin and immune system. The idea behind juice cleansing is that through reducing toxin input by way of alcohol, caffeine, additives and processed foods we are giving our detoxification organs a rest, providing them with essential nutrients by way of the vitamins and minerals in the juices, and clearing out our digestive system of wastes and built up toxins. It’s like a spring clean for our digestive system and detoxification organs. 

Yet, is it necessary to go to the extreme of depriving yourself of food, and could it possibly cause more harm than good? If you’d like to discover how to achieve a balanced diet for yourself you can schedule a nutrition consultation with an expert either in person in Singapore or via Skype. Schedule your consultation with us by dropping us a mail here.