Living well with Liv



For those who might find Liv Lo familiar, that is because this ball of energy is either in front of the Fox Movie presenter screen, spreading the message on sustainable seafood with WWF or in and out of teaching yoga at one of the hippest boutique yoga studio in Singapore, Yoga Movement. A supporter of the green movement, climate change and conscious living, Liv shares about the little changes on living well not only for her wellbeing but for the environment's too. Join Liv Lo for a Wellness Morning alongside The Wellness Report at Green Is The New Black X Spark: The Conscious Festival on 13 May, Equarius Hotel Singapore. As Liv shares, a simple request at a popular coffee joint like Starbucks to not use the plastic takeaway cup when you are dining in could be one of the many simple efforts from us to minimise waste on our day to day. Have a look at some of Liv's answers in this new segment and start taking notes and importantly take action in your daily lives, too.

"Think of your soul as an element of your wellbeing that needs to be nurtured and have balance. We cannot feed ourselves cake all day everyday or we would starve. Same as our soul, it needs both the sun and moon." - Liv Lo

In an era of all things social media perfection, we love the message of #bemorehuman by Reebok. Liv, being a Reebok Brand Ambassador, how do you define yourself as being more human. I don't think it's a self definition. Rather its a powerful trait in all of us to be more by doing more. I have found that I cannot be happy with simply sitting and wishing. Success is a three-part process – Believing, seeing, and doing. You must believe in yourself and believe you can. Then you will see how it can be done. In anything when you get out there and make it happen you connect to your purpose, and you feel amazing! You learn your limits, likes, and dislikes and can understand what it means to be more human. We cannot always find success in our passion but we can find passion in success.

Be honest with us: is there a time when you needed to filter your image on social media? What is the lesson in it. Hah, of course! Isn't that what filters are for? In regards to sharing content, I do fight to keep it real and natural. I am lucky and have worked at growing my social media platform. Personally, my goal is that to keep it real and authentic and not just another advertising space. I always curate my own content and use it as an outlet for creativity and a space to share stories of my journeys. I don't always know if i am doing it right but if I feel good and happy about it then I will share. If not, I won't. I only want to find, share, and follow positivity, love and light.

With everything under a screen and going at a speed. How do you make time for self care? It is a conscious decision to care for myself everyday. I am not miss perfect nor goody two shoes but I do know that if I am in front of screens all day my brain goes wiry. In some way shape or form I must take a moment either by cooking, exercising, reading a book, having a drink, or a boogie. I will naturally gravitate towards those things that make me feel good so they don't feel like chores at all. Simply something to make me smile.

You teach at Yoga Movement. How does yoga become part of your life and what is the misconception of yoga that people still believe today? The misconception is that yoga is only for the limber, lean, or young. I do believe yoga is for everyone and the techniques should be practiced whether by breathing, postures, diet, or meditation. Asana, the physicality, is the easiest for most to understand as an introduction, but if that is not for you don't write it off. Connect with the elements instead and you may find something in there that speaks to you.

There is a lot about light of yoga but have you seen the dark shadow in yoga too? To us, that's the real teachings of yoga too. Have you experienced those moments? Of course! I have cried on the mat many times. I think people shy away from the word bad. They run away like the plague and think that bad means pain and suffering. While it may for a time it, I think bad means good is on it's way. The routine of the practice teaches us about those fluctuations within ourselves. The moments in between the asanas, the moments in the asanas, the moment of reflection, the similarities, the differences teach us lessons and how to find the light within us. Think of your soul as an element of your wellbeing that needs to be nurtured and have balance. We cannot feed ourselves cake all day everyday or we would starve. Same as our soul, it needs both the sun and moon.

Everyday for my health I: Drink enough water My favourite workout: Changes. Currently it's HIIT at home because I work out on rainy days and still be super sore. Next week it could be running. Being conscious to me means: Being aware of how my thoughts become actions and affect others. A home remedy that actually works: a good sleep will solve it all My relationship with food: I look forward to planning my meals and eating. It really makes me excited! I love food, but i am not restrictive. I eat to feel well If I could go on a wellness retreat, it would be: Bali I #pauseforwellness by: getting off my phone and appreciating where I am.

Photo by: Liv Lo