A PAUSE Session Special: Flower Alchemy with Katie Hess

Katie Hess, a flower alchemist and the founder of Lotuswei, one of the world’s leading floral Apothecaries.

PAUSE Magazine had the great pleasure of hosting Katie Hess - the world-renowned flower alchemist and founder of Lotus Wei products - in Singapore for the launch of her new book “FlowerEvolution” as well as an exclusive meditation and tea event.

Katie, having trained with world leading flower essence practitioners, draws on a multitude of practices and studies to create the finest essences that harness the transformative power of nature and flowers: these essences are designed to assist each individual access their capability within to clear the mind and create shifts in state of being, therefore allowing for more joy, freedom and peace in every day living. Her work is full of praise from doctors and academics alongside notable figures such as Ariana Huffington, Oprah and the Obama Family.

Katie’s life mission is to create positive change in the world. In tandem with her flower therapies, she has extensively studied meditation and mindfulness techniques with Tibetan Buddhist Masters, including the Dalai Lama. By practicing meditation in combination with the use of flower elixirs, Katie believes we can each cultivate inner peace that extends to our wider communities.

As Katie says, “all of us are wanting the world to be a better place…but it all starts within each one of us.”

It was a joy to experience Katie’s expertise and guidance as she brought these elements together at our exclusive Monday Meditation (isn't it nice to start the week with the right energy and state of mind?) held at the beautiful Looksee Looksee concept store and Tea Room. Katie added her “Joy Juice” elixir to a custom blend of PAUSE tea, made specially for The Wellness Report by A.muse Projects. It was an evening of instrospection, exploration and restoration for everyone who came, and a perfect way to set the tone for the week ahead, the remaining year that draws to a close, and for the coming 2017.

Want to know more about Katie, Lotus Wei & FlowerEvolution? Head over to the lotuswei.com homepage to start your flower therapy journey: Take the flower quiz by scrolling down to select three flowers you are most drawn to, submit your name and email, and receive your personalised report. Living a more intentional way and being conscious of our daily shifts and patterns can only improve our well-being in all areas of our lives, don't you think? Look out too for our audio episode/podcast with Katie Hess coming to you soon.

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