Growing Popularity of Eco-athleisure a.k.a. Ethical Active Merch & Why it's here to Stay

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Words: Ferina Natasya Aziz:







'Eco-athleisure' brands are making waves in the wellness industry for all the right reasons. The market has seen the introduction of Teeki merch (materials are from recycled plastic bottles), yoga mats from Rumi Earth alongside other safe and sustainable body and skincare such as True Undercover Agent DeodorantTata Harper, RMS Beauty (and many more). 

Brands like these are taking the lead on caring both about what goes into the products and also the effects on the environment – which is absolutely fabulous, if you ask us. 

Do we need that 110th legging? Mindful Shopping starts here.

We hear you: The crop top, tights and leggings must change according to the different seasons, moods and type of workout. But do a closet assessment of your current purchases and see if you need some mindful shopping moving forward. We know that money can't buy happiness and people who say that, never went shopping spree. But while you move on the next workout gear, work wear and so on, perhaps look at the labels behind it, the labour practices and sustainability for the environment. When a new season or line comes out in the market, we make the vote via our wallet on what we want for the labour practices and environment.

Fast Fashion. Unconscious Shopping. Profits over Products.

The rise of consumers making decisions and putting their statement on the money and purchases, this works in tandem with brands, services that move towards, sustainability, ethical consumerism. Well isn't that how it is suppose to be anyway? In this part of the world (Asia), we are proud to have retail store like Touch The Toes, a yoga focused retail that curates a selection of eco-conscious, ethical brands under one roof. Brands in the athleisure department that has made their mark include Caelum GreeneManduka, Vege Thread, Reve En Vent etc. 

To be in trend and of course #onfleek during our workouts, we promote the short use and the throw-away culture. And the cycle repeats. Not saying you can't look great, we encourage that for sure! However, the message here is to invest in your necessity for your workout wear but in a better quality, ethically-sourced products. The idea is to live with key quality pieces that you truly need. And the true environment impact starts from your purchase. Again, do we need that 110th legging? Perhaps not.

So, who made my clothes?
Initiatives like Fashion Revolution that drives the awareness on #whomademyclothes brings into question the unconscious shopping. Taking it up a notch is the effort by Raye Padit, owner of Swapaholic where efforts to swap instead of dumping the pre-loved clothing of yours. A growing number of labels are currently at the forefront of the trend, proving that minimalism is anything but boring. Brands like MATTER, Reformation, BuddhaWear and People Tree have signals and be also the siren for fashion industry to evolve toward greener practices and products. Education is key and research shows that two-thirds of global consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable products. One has moved from this wave of sustainability in fashion from organic materials but look at more holistic approach taking into account the entire lifecycle of a clothing - from livelihood of who made it, to carbon footprints, ethically sourced materials and more.

Don't just read it here. We think you must experience a day of conscious living - not only for your inner well-being but also understanding the connection and impact we humans have to the environment. A special Meet The Makers segment is available to where you truly understand where your clothes come from. A festival like no other! We'll see you there.