Core Collective: A Pioneering Fitness and Wellness Co-Working Space

Core Collective Reception Counter

Core Collective Reception Counter


The Core Collective hosted a very successful opening in the last week of March 2018, offering the public a unique chance to try out a myriad of classes – from aerial yoga to TRX as well as wellness sessions with Chiropractors and BodyTalk practitioners, just to name a few. 

Core Collective Wellness Lounge

Core Collective Wellness Lounge

The co-working premises calls home at 79 Anson Road – a Central Business District (CBD) location that usually connotes ‘business’, ‘corporate’ and everything in between. What they offer, however, is a complete alternate that is poised to inject vitality not just to the surrounding concrete neighbourhood but also to the wellness and fitness landscape in Singapore.

With an impressive 23,600sqft of dedicated wellness and fitness space spanning across three levels, Core Collective boasts well-thought-out facilities that cater not just to the entrepreneurs that ply their trade in the fitness and wellness spheres, but also to well-informed members and clients, who appreciate having access to services that cater to both their physical as well as mental wellbeing.

Core Collective Fitness Studio

Core Collective Fitness Studio


The space caters to a variety of fitness instructors because it houses: (1) a fully-equipped gym with cardio, weights, and functional training areas; (2) three Pilates reformer studios; (3) three multi-use studios where yoga, TRX, MOTR, aerial yoga, ballet and barre classes can take place. Moreover, there is also a (4) physical therapy gym and flexi-spaces for boot camps – truly something for everyone.

“Location is a huge factor for me,” shared Pilates instructor, I Rene Pung. “Many of my Pilates and PilatesX clients work in the CBD. Apart from that, I find that working here gives me a sense of community that I don’t experience when I conduct classes at independent studios.”

Additionally, my clients can experience high-quality equipment and facilities here – a typical Pilates studio is much smaller and are likely to only have reformers and Pilates equipment. Core Collective provides a freedom of space which really enhances my clients’ overall workout experience.
— I Rene Pung, Pilates Instructor
Core Collective Treatment Room  

Core Collective Treatment Room 


Core Collective offers 29 furnished treatment rooms of varying sizes, which like any other co-working space, can be leased flexibly, depending on how often you will be seeing your clients at the premises. This will allow a varied mix of wellness providers–from nutritionists, psychologists, psychotherapists, chiropractors to Bodytalk practitioners–to work alongside one another.

Wellness resident and BodyTalk Practitioner, Sufen Paphassarang, opened her second clinic at Core Collective because she found that she “doesn’t just see [her] CBD clients, but is also able to pack in a personal workout very easily."

I benefit from the shared resources provided to all of us working here, from the publicity and reception service that helps with appointments, to the open spaces where I can hold talks or workshops.
— Sufen Paphassarang, Adv BodyTalk Practitioner
Core Collective Rehab Gym

Core Collective Rehab Gym


Core Collective members do not just benefit from the great ambience and service – the space provides unique access to a variety of quality wellness and fitness providers and facilities, all within the same hub.

  • CONVENIENCE: Prior to the creation of a space like Core Collective, most of us would see perhaps, a Chiropractor at location A, a therapist at location B and a gym or yoga studio at location C. While there is nothing wrong about zipping around the island to attend classes and make our appointments, one cannot deny the ease of having a sole go-to place for a variety of fitness and wellness needs — particularly if one needs to engage concurrent health care services. 
  • A CLIMATE OF CARE:  Through the integrated fitness and wellness experience they provide, Core Collective is built on a philosophy of care. This means that members and clients are safe from aggressive client sales which is a pretty common sales model among some commercial/boutique gyms and wellness clinics. “We’re setting up our residents for success,” shares Fitness Manager, Abdul Rahman. “We want each member who walks through our doors to enjoy a fuss-free experience, as well as to achieve results that they deserve.”
  • CONNECTION & COLLABORATION:  In an open and collaborative space, one is likely to meet folks who exemplify these ideals as well - a total plus point for those of us who still believe in meeting new people face-to-face. Moreover, Core Collective maintains a very exciting line-up of wellness events for their members, of which PAUSE is proud to be part of. Each month, the Core Collective hosts our PAUSE Salon panel discussion, where we deep-dive into the latest wellness issues with guidance from the best minds in wellness. 


On the business front, the arrangement at Core Collective is ripe for meaningful cross-referrals (pilates instructor to physiologist; chiropractor to BodyTalk practitioner etc.) to take place. This benefit also extends to clients, who might not even know that they require other types of health care.  

General Manager of Core Collective, Alex Loh, emphasises on the growth that wellness and fitness practitioners can experience by being part of the Core Collective family, “not just in their respective business, but also in their personal lives.”

“We envision this space to set the standard for what it means to draw benefit from the natural association and common thread that has always existed between the wellness and fitness spheres – I do believe that one should not exist without the other,” he says. 

We at PAUSE couldn’t agree more.


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About Core Collective:
A co-working brand under the Aurum Group, Core Collective is a collaborative centre for fitness and wellness professionals and enthusiasts, anchored on the philosophy of care. We cater to busy professionals in downtown Singapore, providing them access to a full range of fitness and wellness programmes to rejuvenate both mind and body. At Core Collective, we believe in fostering entrepreneurship and facilitating the sharing of knowledge amongst our resident community of fitness and wellness professionals — integrating cross-industry expertise within a curated environment for the benefit of our members.