BarreAmped Promotes Better Alignment, Core Strength

Photography: BarreAmped Bounce Words: Barre2Barre Singapore

Photography: BarreAmped Bounce
Words: Barre2Barre Singapore

To 'purify' is to cleanse, to clear, to be free from what burdens your mind, body and soul. It's a necessary process to purge unwanted matter and the unnecessary burdens that weigh you down. 

In the busy culture we live in–where our jobs keep us sitting at a desk for long hours with poor posture and thus, lethargic or sluggish moods–there is a definite need to revitalise, refresh, and realign.

Taking a BarreAmped class at Barre 2 Barre Singapore will do just that. You'll find that this electrifying method deeply connects the mind to the body, leaving you feeling plugged in but re-wired, re-energised but also calm.

The Origins of BarreAmped
Created by international fitness celebrity Suzanne Bowen, BarreAmped is the result of more than 15 years of physiological study and client observations by one of America’s top fitness talents. BarreAmped is founded on the technique of dance, the mind-body aspect of yoga, and the precision and core integration of Pilates. This technique borrows from the classic barre moves and amps them up with power, precision, and focused intensity. 

Core Benefits of BarreAmped
BarreAmped promotes an accelerated rate of muscle lengthening and chiseling, which everyone can benefit from. However, what sets BarreAmped apart from other barre methods is its focus on work with a neutral spine, highlighting the importance of maintaining the natural curves of the spine, as opposed to the traditional 'barre tuck'. This protects the integrity of the body’s alignment and facilitates circulation through the numerous nerve endings along the spine.

Precise form is essential to achieving optimal results in BarreAmped – to ensure this, all BarreAmped instructors are highly trained to correct and refine your positioning during each workout. Expect a challenge and prepare to leave feeling calmly energised with this hands-on personal group training session.

Practicing BarreAmped consistently will not only make you stronger, but will create a more aligned body from a better mind-body awareness. The importance of a strong and aligned body is crucial in stimulating blood flow for better brain and body function. This also helps support the body for all forms of activity – ranging from sports, to functionality at home, to the long days at work. 

Moreover, regular BarreAmped practice will lead to better posture and increased mobility. Better posture and mobility will transcend the barre studio to vastly improve the quality of your life. You'll find that you can move with more ease and therefore enjoy doing more of what you love. 

Work Desk Tips from us at BarreAmped
For those of you who find yourselves constantly desk-bound and can't make it down for a BarreAmped class so soon - don't fret. Here are some actionable tips to promote better posture while sitting at your work desk:

  • Sit tall with a lengthened spine and good posture by grounding your sitting bones and distributing your weight evenly across the seat of your chair.
    • To sit tall: gently engage your abdominal muscles and draw your tummy inwards towards your spine and upwards towards your heart. 
  • Relax your shoulders away from your ears.
    • In times of stress, we hold a lot of tension in our shoulders and they tend to creep up towards our ears. It is good to be aware when this happens, and immediately bring relaxation to this area.
  • Check to ensure that your computer screen is in line with your eyes (adjust your chair accordingly), so that your head is not tilted up or down.
  • Remember to stand up and move around every hour (yes, it has to be every hour!) to keep healthy circulation in your legs.

Although these tips definitely help, coming in for a guided class with knowledgeable instruction will bring you even greater benefits. 

If you are interested in trying or learning more about the BarreAmped method, come down to Barre 2 Barre Singapore for a class! You’ll fall in love with what we call the 'barre burn', and definitely start to see a change in how your body feels.