The Transformative Powers of Flower Therapy

Words: Linda Haden


Dr Bach believed that the power to heal yourself lies in the very core of our being. His remarkable flower remedies are a key that unlocks this vast power. Alongside essential oils, I genuinely believe that these are gifts from the Divine. For too long, especially here in rapidly urbanising Singapore, people have become disassociated, discordant and distant from Nature. To reconnect with ourselves, it is so important that we take time out to reconnect with nature.

Get acquainted on Flower Therapy: Transformative Journey with Bach Flower Essences

#1 Acknowledge, Accept and Recognise

There is an inherent need for individuals to look deeply into themselves and to perhaps take a logical approach and assess every aspect of your life. In the first instance, make a broad evaluation of where you are in your life:

1. How do you feel about yourself? 2. What are your personal strengths and weaknesses? 3. How would you describe your personality? Has it changed over the years because of certain experiences? How different are you from when you were a child? 4. Do you have a strong sense of self-worth? 5. Are you taking enough time out for yourself? 6. Do you know where are you going or do you feel perpetually lost? 7. How do you feel about your current relationships with your partner, children, parents etc? Are there any so-called emotional “vampires” in your midst? 8. Are you happy about your career? Are there any issues here eating at you? 9. What about your finances? What shape are they in? Is this a main source of worry? 10. What about your health? What are your main complaints?

#2 Choose the Right Flower Therapy Tools

Once you’ve made a thorough assessment of yourself, it is time to move on to look at which of the flower essences and essential oils you would like to use on your journey and perhaps other techniques or alternative remedies that you could employ. The goal is to find a solution that is tailored to you and that works in synergy with your rhythms. Take your time at this stage. Read widely as much as you can about the remarkable natural remedies and complementary therapies out there. Try Reiki, simple mindfulness exercises, take traditional plant medicines such as Jamu, or just simply learn to eat cleanly – see what resonates with you and you alone.

Personally, I love using Bach flower essences and essential oils in unison as I think they make for a potent healing combination. Through a lot of research as well as trial and error, I have developed my own system of using Bach flower remedies and essential oils together. In other words, I have pinpointed which essential oils to use with certain Bach flower essences based on their similar psychotherapeutic properties. I will not go in detail here, but if you like, I have written an e-book on this subject. Perhaps you might want to it as a starting guide.

#3 Do the Write Stuff

Journal writing is an essential part of the flower therapy journey. I cannot emphasise how important it is to write your feelings down as you embark on this journey; to keep a daily or weekly record of all your thoughts, emotions and feelings. It will help you to make sense of what is going on, and help you to identify facets perhaps you missed in the initial evaluation. It plays a pertinent role in helping you to learn more about yourself which is really critical when it comes to forging a strong foundation for a personal development programme. The changes effected by flower therapy are often subtle. Normally, most people only start seeing real changes in themselves when others tell them that they have noticed something different about their behaviour. If you are at a loss of what to write, why not use our journal to help you?

#4 Evaluate & Tweak

Over the months on your flower therapy journey, take times out periodically to assess where you are on the journey. Using your journal as a reference point and then ask yourself:

1. Do I feel more positive about things (i.e do I have the positive feelings that I hoped to achieve by using flower essences and essential oils and by making changes to my lifestyle) 2. Do I feel more in tune with my true emotions? 3. Do I have a deep sense of when I feel negativity creeping up again, but I am able to adjust my behaviour quickly?

One word of caution, as you delve deeper into flower therapy, you might come to a juncture of what we call a healing crisis. This is the storm before the calm. As your body, psyche and spirit heals and purges itself of negative energies, you will feel worse before you get better. At this point, do not think that the flower therapy is failing. Just ensure that you continue with your regime consistently and soon, you will get to the other side. Persist and stay on course. You will be so glad you did.

It is also crucial to adjust the original flower therapy formulation you developed as you grow. Stop taking what you strongly feel you do not need. If any new feelings come up, do add new flower remedies and essential oils. This is part of the process of balancing and centering yourself. When you peel one layer, you might find something else beneath. It is all part of the self-discovery process.

I hope that flower therapy helps you as much as it has helped me. Depression and anxiety still plagues me from time to time just like anyone. But now, I have the ability to recognise these feelings, and to use the right tools and techniques to help me move on. For that, I am eternally grateful.